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April 1, 2012

From my friend Kelly, what a beautiful devotion.

Embrace the Blessing

I am overwhelmed today by God’s kindness, gentleness, justice, and mercy.  Whatever the need that I find myself experiencing, there is always an abundant and appropriate supply to satisfy it. The amount, the type, and the timing of His supply is always perfect.  And it is always offered as a result of His graciousness, rather than my deservedness.

This morning I am in the midst of one of those moments when my heart, mind, and my will feel as if they have momentarily aligned perfectly in union with Him.  It is as if we are making a connection in the spirit, much like eye contact between two souls who love and know one another at a very deep level.  There is an interaction that takes place that does not require words.  In fact, words would diminish the moment because they are inadequate to express the depth, the scope, and the beauty of the…

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